December 21st 2012 Beliefs

Feb 29, 2012

December 21st 2012

Are we as a people at the cross roads of distinction or are we a people of change and adaption? There have been far too many to name “doomsday Sayers” that I must say some do have interesting theories all trying to sell books. While I don’t profess myself as an expert upon the theory of total global destruction, culminating on December 21st 2012. I will admit to being an open-minded student of Mayan Studies and Beliefs, and have been, for nearly 30 years. I have yet to find, read or discover one singular document that undisputedly explains or shows the end of time as we know it “prophesized by the Maya”. It is most certainly agreed that the end of the Mayan Calendar occurs on December 21, 2012 .

Although the odometer in Maya timekeeping approaches perhaps we should take a closer look at the Maya Long Count Calendar. It is an accumulation of various smaller time cycles that will in fact turn over on December 21st, 2012

As a result a multitude of people from all walks of life will descend upon all of the most celebrated ancient Maya sites in Mesoamerica waiting for a sign. They will lie in Waite for a sign from the ancients. Will it be the end of civilization, as we know it ?

Will it all end by water, the sun propelling an extraordinary plume of solar particulates into the Earths atmosphere, Natural disasters-Earth quakes and Tsunamis, the magnetic field reversing, or perhaps the black hole at the center of the Milky way will throw our solar system out of wack. These and more are all related to the Galactic alignment, and what’s more the Maya new all about  it!

I believe that this Grand Calendar will revert to zero and a new cycle of 1,872,000 days (5125.37 years) will begin. Just take a moment and look at the social, political and economic state of the world. We as a civilization are really screwed up! Depending on which doomsday seer you believe, Change most certainly is upon us.

Some say, that rather than cataclysm, were due for a sudden cosmically timed awakening. We will all join an enlightened collective consciousness that will resolve the world’s problems. The winter solstice sun is slowly moving towards the heart of the galley. When the sun passes through the “Great Rift” a dark streak in the middle of the Milky Way, which represents the Maya “Womb of Creation” the world will be transformed. Then we will reconnect with our cosmic heart and nature. What do you believe?

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Looters Continuation

February 22, 2012

As far as looters, thieves and destroyers of Maya history goes, it would be my opinion that Diego de Landa Caldero’n a Spanish Bishop was perhaps the worst offender. After observing the Maya continue to practice worship as they have for centuries he ordered an inquisition in Mani ending with a ceremony called auto-de-fe’. During the ceremony on July 12th, 1582 at least forty Maya Codices and approximately 20,000 Maya cult images were burned. Notably: There were only 4 left to survive. the Madrid, Dresden, and Paris codices. A few pages survive from a fourth, the Grolier codex, whose authenticity is sometimes disputed, but mostly is held to be genuine.

These actions earned Landa a controversial place in the history of the Christianization of the Americas. Landa’s Inquisition showered a level of physical abuse upon the indigenous Maya that was viewed as excessive even by other members of the church such as his predecessor.

Scores of Maya nobles were jailed pending interrogation, and large numbers of Maya nobles and commoners were subjected to examination under cruel and excessive forms of torture. The violent methods of Landa’s inquisition made many Maya flee into the forests to avoid further abuse.

My point here is, that if we actually realize what the Maya achieved or accomplished, Just imagine if you can, what we as a people of the 21st century possibly could have accomplished with all the knowledge that has been destroyed by religious beliefs or been taken from us by looters.

Ricardo Barraca

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Looters who Destroy the Past

Looters (Thieves) who Destroy the Past

And perhaps even the Mayas insight into December21st, 2012 As scholars, Mayanists and Archeologists continue to struggle to decipher the elaborate hieroglyphics of the Maya, much of the precious evidence is vanishing forever-destroyed by the greedy hands of looters. Many of the valuable stone inscriptions have disappeared into Mayan Art collections all over the world. And many of those that can still be traced have had much of there usefulness destroyed because there is no record of the site they came from.

In order to make the inscriptions more easily saleable and moveable, looters have sliced off the faces of heavy stone blocks in the jungles of Latin America, then cut up the sheets into small pieces with chisels and even sledgehammers.

As a result, not only has the knowledge of where they originated been lost, but sometimes the delicate-and often badly eroded-inscriptions have been chipped beyond repair as well.

Mayan cylinder vases have disappeared in the same way: into private Mayan Art collections via a brief stay in Mayan Art dealers shops in Mexico or the United States. And these losses are particularly tragic since they often depict royal dignitaries and show scenes from Mayan Life-such as the Mayan Ballgame, processions and rituals which carry hieroglyphic texts to explain them, so offering unique keys to translation.

Sometimes looters are so eager to strip away a site that they will use force to try to keep Archeologists away. It is big business for looters. Not all that long ago at Naranjo, a Mayan Site near the border of Guatemala and Belize (formerly British Honduras), half the 40 known monuments have been scarred by looters. Often the precious carvings have been chopped into innumerable pieces, scattered across the jungle by thieves who have been concerned only with what they could take away for profit. Thanks to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) These practices have been greatly reduced, however with new sites continually being uncovered, these thieves will continue to loot and destroy the precious information left for the world to yet discover.

Ricardo Barraca

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Welcome to my blog! I am currently on my way back to the world of the Maya. I will be back writing about my latest adventure in late October. Should you wish to leave a message or have suggestions on particular subjects, please do so on the contact page and I will respond as soon as I return.

Gracias Mi amigo’s


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Hola world!

I wanted to share a wonderful compliment I recieved from a wonderful Face Book friend Wendy.

Wendy Federer Schmidt August 7 at 6:14pm FANTASTIC!! You have accomplished your goal of bringing this mysterious culture to life. I have read several books on this subject and in doing so I would allow my mind to wonder, during all that time and all those pages I was never able to truly see the magnificence, until now. Thru your work and your heart I can see these amazing people in all their splendor!! What a choice and precious gift that you are giving to the world. Thank you, within you lives the heart of a warrior and a scribe, fighting to bring a once closed world back into the light. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Very gratefully, Wendy

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